COVID-19 Update


With April 1 looming and the unknown still unknown, I've spent a great deal contemplating BMDC's next move.  How do I keep the studio running, pay the staff, mortgage, and utilities, like all of you, while working toward the recital and keeping the kids' spirits up?  There is no one-size-fits-all answer. So with great consideration, I have come up with a solution: You get to make a choice. But before I lay out the choices, I need to lay down a few facts so that you can make an educated decision.


  •         We still plan to hold the recital but are unable do use our previously planned date of May 16-17th. We have re-booked the Cole Auditorium for June 27-28th.

  •         The studio is still offering classes virtually. A few classes are being live streamed but for the most part your dancers classes will be pre recorded and posted to your parent portal so you can access them at your leisure!

  •         We opted NOT to do live classes for all as all of your schedules have changed and having classes accessible at your leisure seemed to be the better route.  So far, it seems that it has been the right course of action.

  •         Our teachers will continue to add content throughout this quarantine.

Your choices.  
As I recognize that everyone's situation is unique, I ask that you be honest and consider that this Dance Studio is NOT our hobby.  It is a business, with bills and employees just like any other job. For the most part, I truly feel that you all understand that and appreciate this fact, but over the years, dance studios have been overlooked as a 'legitimate' business, so I just wanted to put it out there. 

With that, here are the options that we would like to lay out so that the kids can still continue to dance and parents can enjoy their shining moment at the recital.  I truly feel that it is important for kids to have this outlet as a sense of normalcy during such upheaval. So let's work together to make this happen and so that we are still here in the Fall to celebrate our 7th Season with YOU!

  1.       If your family income has not been affected, we ask that you pay your full tuition.  If this is your choice, no further action is required on your part.  Your child will continue to take virtual classes until we resume at the studio.  We thank you for your honesty and your support!

  2.       If your family income has decreased for any reason, please reply to this email and let's talk about it privately to come up with a discounted tuition solution that keeps your child dancing and performing in the recital.  I will work with you! Financials will NEVER be discussed with other families and NEVER with your child. Your child will continue to take virtual classes until we resume at the studio. We thank you for your honesty and continued support.

  3.       If your family income has been devastated because you and/or your spouse has lost income altogether, please reply to this email to let me know. Please note that your child CAN and WILL continue to dance and perform in the recital.  Your child will continue to take virtual classes until we resume at the studio. Financials will NEVER be discussed with other families and NEVER with your child. There is no judgement here. Let's keep things as normal as possible for your child!

  4.       If you do NOT wish to continue taking classes,. No questions asked.  No judgement. We welcome you to return at anytime as we normally would with any student who chooses to discontinue classes.  We will NOT charge you tuition on the 1st. You may still pick up your costumes (Once we post a pick up chedule), but previously paid fees are not eligible for refund and recital is no longer an option as continued education is required for recital eligibility.  No judgement. Total respect for your choice. We wish you the best and we hope that you will return to dance, even if it's not with us.

  5.      If you wish to sponsor a dancer's tuition…We have had several people offer to provide monthly tuition for a dancer whose family has being majorly affected by this situation. If you would like to provide a monthly scholarship to a dancer in our studio please reach out to me and we will make sure that happens! We will not share your information with the family in need unless stated that it is ok!


Our spring pictures were scheduled for April 6-9 and clearly that will not happen. We are currently working with our photographer to come up with a later date that complies with our governor's restrictions. As soon as we have dates we will get those out to you!


We are currently working on a drive through schedule so that dancers are able to pick up their recital costumes soon. (Costumes can only be picked up if there is no outstanding balance) As soon as we determine dates we will email those out!

Recital fees:

Yearly recital fees have been posted to all dancer's accounts who are participating in the 2020 recital. As you know our fees are based on a sliding fee scale. $40 1-2 Routines, $50 3-4 Routines, $60 5-6 Routines, & $70 for 7+ routines. If you think there has been a mistake in your recital fee calculation please let us know.

Parent Portal: 

It has come to our attention that some of you do not know how to access your parent portal. This will be essential in the coming weeks! If you have never logged in to your parent portal account or you have forgotten how please send us an email letting us know. We will email you a link to the portal. Once you get into the portal you can access your dancers virtual classes, make payments, access recital music, and additional info. PLEASE DO NOT "create a dancer" in an account. All dancers have accounts if you do this it will double your dancer in our system. Log in using the link that is emailed to you and you should see your dancers information there!

Accessing your virtual class: Log in to parent portal, scroll down, Click the calendar icon, Click on the class you want to take on your schedule, Click black video camera icon, Copy URL address, paste in internet browser. (If there are multiple lines only copy and paste one URL address at a time)

*These classes will be available next week* They are not posted in your portal at this time!

Accessing Recital Music: Log in to Parent Portal, click on Shared Files (music note) Icon, click class music tab, Click name of song to play.

I truly wish you all the best.  I hope that you consider the choices here as well as the facts that I have laid out about our plan.  I will do everything possible to help you out and have even been considering some sort of camp option for when the studio resumes classes while the schools are still closed.  As Americans, we innovate and help one another and I plan to do my part where I can be most useful.

I truly love you all and your kids are severely missed by all of us.  God bless you all. Please stay safe and healthy.


Ms. Holly and the BMDC Staff

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